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4 months ago

Top 10 Misconceptions About Transhumanism

It’s such a sympathy to the view that the word ‘Transhumanism’ has caused and is still causing more confusion than clarity. I have been taking a greater interest in the content of other ‘thinkers’ who have brainwashed the dynamic society with religion and human ethics as a way of antagonizing the freedom of man to advance humanity. One thing they pretend not to know is that the average human being has always wanted to be more. To do extraordinary things and live a life worth living. According to Nick Bostrom, Transhumanism is an intellectual and cultural movement aimed at overcoming fundamental human limitations through applied reason by creating and developing technologies to enhance human intellectual, physical and psychological capacities. Therefore, a transhumanist seeks to bridge the gap between humanity and post-humanity

Just recently, Kevin Warwick, a British professor of cybernetics and a staunch trans-humanist, announced his involvement in a collaborative project with Prof. Tipu Aziz, the Oxford University neurosurgeon, to use brain implants powered by intelligent computer methods to predict and stop tremors associated with Parkinson’s syndrome. The Daily Mail has so far termed this project as “the most significant recent advancement in biomedical engineering”.

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