Top 10 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches – DISCOVERY68 #15

4 months ago

Top 10 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches.

The Time Keeper has had its own impact throughout the history, starting from Stonehenge, the famous pre-historic solar calendar, till the Strela, branded as Poljot, Sekonda, first took a spacewalk when an astronaut wore it to space in 1965. The history applauded when Elizabeth I of England received a wristwatch from Robert Dudley in 1571. Now technology dominates everything. We are living in a world where pager is transferred into the phablet within a very short time, and walking a mile is historical due to modern day transports. Watches are no exception. They started their journey from a beautiful pocket piece, and nowadays, technologically superior watches are within our budget. So without creating any more curiosity, here is the list of Top 10 Technologically Advanced Wrist Watches. This is the followup list to the 10 most expensive watches.

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